Law enforcement request policy

SGX-pro receives customer information requests from law enforcement agencies around the world from time to time, and here is to provide you and law enforcement agencies with information on how to handle these requests.

Law enforcement agencies are generally interested in two types of data: information about the identity of customers and information about their transaction activities. We actively cooperate with law enforcement agencies and only respond to law enforcement requests from authorized law enforcement officers who can provide proof of authorization.

We disclose account information records to international law enforcement agencies in accordance with the terms of service, privacy policy and applicable laws.

SGX-pro requires law enforcement requests to be accompanied by appropriate legal procedures to facilitate our disclosure of information.

SGX-pro welcomes inquiries from law enforcement agencies regarding its policies and procedures. Please contact us at

When sending a law enforcement request, please include the following information:

The name of the law enforcement agency;
Proof that law enforcement officers are authorized to obtain information (certificate of authorization);
Identity certificate of law enforcement personnel (internal certificate of law enforcement agency);
Investigation letter documents issued by law enforcement agencies;
Email addresses containing government domain names;
Clarify the name of the legal subject corresponding to the information required for law enforcement;
The specific content of the requested customer information;
Other details include the provision of reasonable deadlines and the need for international law enforcement agencies to provide relevant judicial documents required in accordance with international mutual legal assistance treaties.
SGX-pro reserves the right to disclose to law enforcement agencies to protect itself and its customers.


SGX-pro team